What a diva wants, a diva gets.

I have a circle of friends named the Diamond Divas, a six pack of chicks that cruise through life together, all bringing something unique and special to the group. We all live within a five mile radius of each other, but our individual schedules are so unique that there are times that we don’t see each other for a month. In order to know what’s happening in each others’ lives, I email one of them every day. Michelle Monday, Tanya Tuesday, etc.  Since I’m the token single diva, this also helps insure that if I randomly die in my sleep one night, my body will be discovered before the week is out. Morbid? Perhaps. I consider it practical. I can’t feed my dog if I’m dead.

Today’s response from my rambling Michelle Monday email started with this: “You should write a blog.”

I get that a lot. That, or “You should write a book.” Not just from her, but from other recipients of my randomness. By sheer coincidence, I started writing the book yesterday. I’ve had the title for years. It has nothing to do with chainsaws or stilettos. Chainsaws and stilettos is actually the rough title to the sequel. But you can’t have a sequel without a prequel…well, unless you’re George Lucas…and I’m not.

Since a diva asked for it, this blog is now up. It’s purpose? Hopefully entertainment for the reader, and also a way for me to warm up and get focused before working on the novel. Like vocal warm-ups but different. One doesn’t really have anything to do with the other. This blog will not provide insight into the book, but it will provide fun facts, quotes, events, and other possibly useful (or extremely useless) information. Like what, you ask? Wait for it…


2 responses

  1. I love the line “I can’t feed my dog if I’m dead.” You make me smile and look forward to reading your blog. I won’t comment too often cause I’m not witty but I will be one of those silent stalker readers.

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