Day 2 – I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Hamburger Today

(post originally written on 6/28 for a story that airs on WFMY on 7/12)

It’s day two of the No Spend 7 & I’m currently sitting in the dark listening to a thunderstorm. Yay for a fully charged macbook.

The day started out normally. My alarm went off at 5, I texted my morning workout crew & said I was skipping the workout, & reset the alarm for 6. Don’t judge. I basically workout out three times yesterday so I can miss a morning. Ok so what if I ate a bunch of chocolate today? Sometimes a girl needs chocolate. Shut it.

So anyway, like I said, normal start to the day. Showered, got ready, packed my snacks & my lunch & headed to work. I packed fruit, a salad, and some red peppers w/ hummus. I decided to eat lunch at the office instead of coming home so I’d save 11 miles of gas & use it for the trip to the gym.

Prepping all that food took time so I arrived to the office later than I normally would. Note to self: start earlier. I would prep some tonite, but as I mentioned, I’m currently sitting in the dark. As in I have no power. It’s not that I wanted mood lighting for the storm or anything.

Around 11 a.m. my boss offered to take me to lunch. He is aware of the no spend 7 experiment & told me last week that he would take me to lunch if I wanted him to. He’s cool like that. However, since cut iceberg lettuce & salad stuff goes bad quickly, I asked for a rain check. Yep, I turned down a free lunch. I didn’t want to waste what I brought…but I did make a mental note to pack a frozen meal tomorrow in case he asks again. Free lunches always taste better than packed lunches.

I went downstairs to eat lunch in the breakroom around noon. My coworkers Rhonda & Arch were there eating Church’s chicken. Rhonda offered me a piece of fried chicken. I turned that down, too. I’m a southern girl, I love me some fried chicken. Turning it down was difficult. Again, I didn’t want to waste my salad.

I’m beginning to feel resentment towards iceberg lettuce.

After work I headed home to take out the dog & change into my gym clothes. Then I headed over to racquetball. The sky was a bit grey, but I didn’t think much of it.

I played a game of racquetball. Ok, well, we volleyed a bit. My opponent was unaware that I haven’t played in a LONG time and that even when I did play I wasn’t very good. Mostly my old opponent & I would smack the ball around & laugh for an hour. My new opponent (Captain Sweatband) wasn’t very thrilled by that version of the game. He’s a man. It’s not his fault. He’s hardwired for competitive sports. In my world, “playing a game” means, well, playing. You know, for fun.

According to Captain Sweatband, I have the concentration of a three year old.  He kept getting that face that my softball coach gets when he’s trying to teach me to hit better. I’ve played 10 seasons, & I still can’t hit a ball. It’s a face of both frustration & resignation. I’m clumsy & uncoordinated. I’ve accepted it. So should others.

We left the gym as the thunder and lightning really began rolling in. The first drops fell on my windshield as I was pulling out of the Y, and by the time I got home it was coming down in sheets and people were driving 15 in a 45 due to the lack of visibility. Remember, this is a span of five miles. Traffic lights were out as I got closer to the house, and as I pulled into my neighborhood I realized nobody had power.


I drove down my driveway, put the car in park, grabbed the spare key, and ran into the side door of the garage so I could manually open the garage door. Soaked. I finished parking the car & headed upstairs, using my trusty droidlight app for visibility.

I lit approximately 350 million tea lights while my Chihuahua scurried around the house frantically barking at the thunder. 7 pounds of insanity, she is.

Tired,  drenched w/ rain & sweat, annoyed with my dog, really hungry, and there’s no stinkin’ power. There was no way I’m eating another salad. I wanted hot food.

I looked at my candles, wondering how long it would take to heat up a can of soup by candlelight. Suddenly I remembered a gift my mother gave me years ago that I’ve never used. Sterno & a camp stove. Yay, mom! It was given in case of snowstorm power outage emergency so I could cook if I was stranded at the house. Technically I’m not stranded, but I can’t BUY hot food, so it still counts.  Leftover reheated Lipton Garlic Bowtie Pasta wins!!! No salad for me!!! Rejoice!! Take THAT, iceberg lettuce!

Food consumed, shower taken, and here I sit three hours later praying the power will come back on before my refrigerated food spoils. I moved my ice packs from the freezer to the fridge a few minutes ago, so hopefully that will help. I have quite a few of them. Like I said, I’m clumsy. I fall down a lot. Hopefully those ice packs will save the food like they’ve saved my muscles on so many occasions. Go team!

Hopefully my food won’t go bad. Hopefully the river that now runs through my backyard will go away quickly. Hopefully my basement hasn’t flooded.

Hopefully my boss will offer to by me lunch tomorrow. I could use something stronger than iceberg lettuce & granola bars.

At least I keep sterno handy.


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