Day 4 – Life is Better with Coffee

(post written on 6/30 for a story that airs 7/14 on WFMY News 2)

I love waking up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee in an air-conditioned house. Everything is just better with music, fresh coffee, cool air, and hot showers. Who’s a fan of electricity? This girl. I can go a week without spending money, but I’m not sure I could go a week without electricity & indoor plumbing…unless there’s a REALLY good reason, like serving others in a 3rd world country. Seriously. That’s a good reason. Otherwise, not so much. I grew out of my love for camping a long time ago.

We’re very lucky here. I’m just sayin’. I almost hugged my air conditioning unit.

Motivated by last night’s fabulous SYTYCD, I happily went to my 5:30 a.m. workout to discuss the episode & burn some calories. Oh to be a dancer, but alas, no such luck. Or talent. Or coordination. I’m better than Elaine on Seinfeld, but not by much.


Work flowed quickly. All my food was still in the fridge, & luckily there was one frozen meal left for lunch. Otherwise I would’ve had to beg for someone to buy my lunch, as everything else required cooking, and we have no oven. Well, everything except for the cheese, but who can sit there & eat a block cheese? I don’t really recommend it. I loves my cheese, but still.

After work I lugged all my food back home. I’m tired of feeling like a pack mule. Went to spin class, again dreaming of having a dancer’s body, and then came home to eat some meat & watch SYTYCD.

Lots of visits to the YMCA this week. Lots more than usual, but it’s “free” & the only thing there to spend money on is vending machine food. I think. I could be wrong about that. There may not be a vending machine there. Which would make more sense, really. Perhaps it’s just a drink machine. For hydration purposes.

I digress. Again.

So today I learned I need electricity & caffeine. I’m a little scary without them. Release the kraken!

The power outage also helped me remember how blessed I am. Electricity and an endless supply of hot coffee are not rights, they’re privileges, and sometimes I forget that. A good reminder that while I may not have everything I want…I still have more than I need.

I’m gonna go hug my coffee pot now.


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