Day 5 – Payday!!!

(post written on 7/1 for a story that airs on WFMY on 7/15)

It’s Friday! It’s payday! Woohoo!!! Time to go out & play!!

Oh wait.

I can’t spend any money.


My jubilee is quickly trumped by the realization that I will have very little or no social interaction this weekend unless I get creative.

Fortunately I did sort of plan ahead for that…at least for tonite. I still have way more meat in my freezer than necessary and some raw veggies that need to be used…so a cookout is on the schedule. I provide the meat & grilled veggies, they provide the side dishes, drinks & desserts. Score!

Of course, this means two cookouts in one day. One of my duties at work is to plan & coordinate company events. I wish I could put Facilitator of Fun on my business card. It’s a pretty simple gig now that I have teams to help me. The customer service team did most of the planning for our 4th of July cookout & they did a fabulous job of planning this event. Hamburgers, hot dogs, many sides. Good times. It’s amazing how beach music, cornhole, and permission to wear shorts & hawaiian shirts at work can brighten employee spirits.

So that’s lunch. Hamburgers & hotdogs. Tasty. Tonite’s cookout involves chicken & shrimp, so the all the core meats have pretty much been covered…except bacon. Mmmm, bacon. meat candy. Today is turning into a carnivore’s delight.

In between cookouts I actually somehow manage to accomplish something other than digestion. My bosses will be so pleased.

So I get home, frantically straighten an already mostly clean house and fire up the grill. P.S. it’s a charcoal grill cuz charcoal is better. Here’s the issue, though. I bought a huge bag of cheap charcoal a few weeks ago & have discovered that I made a mistake. I should’ve dropped the 2 extra dollars to get the good stuff. It’s worth it. Unfortunately I still have over half a bag of this cheap stuff to work through. Fortunately I have just enough lighter fluid to nicely soak the coals for a bit prior to lighting. Whew. I’d warned Stephanie I might need her to pick up some on her way over, but all is well. Charcoal crisis averted.

We cook, we eat, we get bit by mosquitos. Standard cookout. I put Stephanie in charge of inviting people so I get to hang out with people I didn’t really know before now. Good times. Note to self: I really need to do this more often.

Somehow even after feeding four other people I still have a lot of meat left in the freezer.

I way over planned in the meat department.


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