Day 6 – Baseboards, Bread, and Brando

(post written 7/2 for a story that airs 7/16)

Originally I planned to get up early and mow my ginormous yard of awesome. It’s a half acre of trees, random foliage, and stuff I call grass but is really more clover & weeds than actual grass. It’s green & growing though, especially after Tuesday’s torrential rainfall, so it needs cutting. Plus some of the leaves from the natural area got pushed into the yard by the river that burst through…I really need to clean out that rain ditch on the outside of my fence so that won’t happen again. I think there are snakes in there, though, & this girl doesn’t do snakes.

This girl didn’t do the yard at 7 a.m. this morning, either. I slept until 9 & it was already too hot to push my lawnmower around all those trees.

I miss the ability to hire a yard guy. I have a guy that usually does the mowing for me on the cheap, but again…I can’t spend any money. Plus I’m trying to take on the yardwork myself more anyway, so I’ve only used him a couple of times this year, but July yardwork might be worth paying for. yeesh. heat + humidity = unhappy Suz.

Opting for indoor chores – cuz, y’know, I can’t go shopping – sigh – I cleaned the baseboards, all the glass in the house (windows included) and dusted all the furniture. Exciting, I know, but indoor air-conditioned chores are better than yardwork any day of the week. I’ve cleaned a lot this week. cuz it’s free. I never clean the baseboards, so I guess it’s good my options were limited.

So when checking my food levels today I noticed some of my fruit was about to go bad. I checked the pantry and found just enough flour & just enough sugar to make a loaf of strawberry banana bread. Normally I’d just throw out the fruit, but this whole experiment has reminded me that being wasteful when I have so much is kind of freakin’ selfish. Either I shouldn’t buy it, or I need to share it. So that’s why I made the bread. Plus, strawberry-banana bread is better received than an almost rotten banana. I’m just thankful I had enough core ingredients to pull it off. Plus I can feed more people w/ a loaf of bread than with a piece of fruit. I didn’t cook it quite long enough though since apparently extra fruit in the bread means extra minutes in the oven. Whoops. The toothpick came out clean, though! Whatever. I just cut around the goo. Noone will ever know. Well, until now.

After my morning of domestication I got ready for church. I had to run lights and play an atmosphere character for this first weekend of The Summit’s “Summer of Love” series. The character: a “classic rock” DJ w/ a touch of 70’s nostalgia. Blue eyeshadow, bell bottoms, wooden heels. Done. & yes, I have all that on hand.

Church fun times took up the bulk of the afternoon. The bread was well received, the heels killed my feet, and the message was great…well worth listening to twice. And I get to listen to it twice tomorrow as well. Plus anytime I get to use a disco ball & listen to a rockin’ version of “Your Love is Lifting Me Higher” is just good times. A lot of my friends go to The Summit as well, so I was able to get a social fix.

OH! And because I was running late (my freakishly thick hair takes awhile to style) I forgot to take a traveler mug of coffee or my bottled water. Sadness. 2 hours into rehearsal & many refills to the 8oz cup of water later I get a text from Elesha: “I’m at Starbuck’s, what kind of coffee do you want?” aaaaah, my angel. A gift from above! Free coffee! I don’t turn down free coffee. Ever.

After church I came home, cooked dinner, and popped in A Streetcar Named Desire. Thank you, netflix. The movie arrived early in the week so I’d been saving it in case I couldn’t find anything free to do Saturday night. Most of my friends went out. Going out requires money. I can’t use any of my money. I stayed in. Again, thank you netflix. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. Young Brando (delicious.) Twisted story. Great lines. Good times.

Today was a good day. I didn’t really miss going out. I also didn’t really miss the ability to go shopping, but I admit I’m kinda ready for this whole thing to be over. Activity options get limited quick when ya can’t use money.

But hey, at least my house is clean.


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