Day 7 – All I want is a diet coke

(post written on 7/3 for a story that airs 7/17)

Last night I dreamed I was at the beach, on day 7 of the no spend week, and apparently really thirsty. In the dream I went to a vending machine, got a diet coke, and drank the whole thing in under a minute…& then I realized I was still doing the experiment and got super upset because I blew the whole thing on a stupid soda.

Panic set in & I woke up.

First thought of the day: Remember to take travel mug of coffee to church. Will be there 4.5 hours. Don’t get thirsty.

Second thought of the day: Come home directly after church & don’t leave the house. Gotta make it to midnight.

So I did. Donned the DJ costume & went to church. Listened to the love message again, enjoyed the disco ball, the music, & the people & came directly home. My friend Gina gave me a Starbuck’s gift card (cuz she’s awesome) but I was afraid to go into ANY store, so I’ll save that for another day. Plus I was highly caffeinated by the time I got home (thanks to the church’s free coffee, my mug stayed full.) Changed out of costume into comfy clothes. Still too hot to mow and since my front yard grows REALLY slow (lots of trees & shade) it’s not yet an eyesore to the neighborhood. My half completed walkway may be, but I can’t buy any more pavers yet so that’s just too bad. The bunnies & chipmunks don’t seem to mind that the bushes are completely jacked up & overgrown, so that can wait, too. The backyard isn’t really visible to the neighborhood (yay for overgrown trees) so nobody has to look at it except my next door neighbors, & they’re used to it. cuz they rock.

My house is already uber clean (I mean really, I already did the baseboards) so I decided to actually take a day of rest. It’s RARE. The no money thing has managed to slow me down a bit, but I still managed to by busy all week & usually I’m not home enough to sloth, so today became a very rare Sloth Day Sunday.

Me. Cozy clothes. Sleeping dog. Sofa. Fun movies on ABC Family. All.Day.Long.

By the way. I have basic cable. I’ve had basic cable for years. I refuse to overpay for a gazillion channels that I don’t watch. DVR would be nice, but again, I’d be paying for something I wouldn’t use often. I refuse to be that attached to a tv. I mean seriously. Why am I going to work hard to pay that much money for that many channels so I can sit on my butt & do nothing all the time? Once in awhile, sure…but I refuse to be addicted to television. Take that, Time Warner. It’s about moderation, people.

Oh snap. I just learned something about my spending habits. You win this round, moderation! Target & Starbuck’s are about to take a hit, and so is my massage therapist…& that makes me wanna cry a little bit, cuz I heart massages. Good for keeping the migraines at bay. But oh well. Sorry guys.

So anyway, basic cable means limited channels & having to endure commercials. Thanks ABC Family for having a fabulous lineup. I think it was due to the holiday weekend, cuz that’s rare. No offense, ABC, but I’m not watching the Secret Life of the American Teenager. Gag.

The commercials started to get to me, though. My desire to spend some cash must be stronger than I thought, as even one of those “As Seen on TV” type products got my attention (after they showed the dang commercial 52 times) and I actually thought about ordering it. I didn’t cave, though. I shall not succumb! I shall prevail! And at this point I’ve already forgotten what the product was…proof that I didn’t need the stupid thing in the first place.

Around 8 a friend texted me about getting a drink. I reminded him I couldn’t spend money until after midnight, so he brought the drinks to me. Another evening on the deck under the stars getting eaten by mosquitos. At least I had company. And free drinks. Thanks ol’ pal!

It’s 11:30. Time for bed. When I wake up I’ll be able to spend money again…I wonder what my first purchase will be? I still have some food & still have almost a quarter tank of gas left…hhhmmm.

Maybe it’ll be a diet coke.


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