Day 8 – Oh wait, I’m FREE!

(post written 7/4 for a WFMY story that concludes on 7/18)

It’s the 4th of July! Hooray & hurrah! It’s time to go to the K-Vegas Parade w/ all my peeps & watch the kids scamper for free candy. Good times. & I can spend money again, woohoo! Celebratin’ my freedom in more ways than one today. woot. I’m taking my Starbuck’s card to grab an iced coffee on the way to the parade.

Head downstairs, get in car, put key in ignition. Turn key…nothin’. Turn key again…nothin’. WHY IS MY BATTERY DEAD? Am I SERIOUSLY going to have to buy a new battery? THAT’S gonna be my first purchase after seven days of no spending?? REALLY?? & WHY is it dead? sigh. & then I realize I left the dome light on after videotaping the gas gauge & last entry for the story. awesome. just. awesome.

Diva alert text sent to the others: “My car battery is dead dead dead. Enjoy the parade.”

Elesha texts back: “We’re leaving the house in the jeep right now. Want a jump?”

Me: “Yes please.”

Once again, Elesha & the family save the day. That’s three times in 8 days. We push my car out of the garage & get it positioned so her hubs can attach all the necessary cords. Turn key. Engine turns once & stops. We chat for a bit. Their 4 year old waves at me from the back of the jeep. He’s wearing spiderman gloves in 80 degree weather, cuz that’s how he rolls. I love their kids. Turn key again. Engine turns over…turns over again…& it all finally catches. Battery revived! woot!! Happy dance. I close the garage door & follow them to the parade. I skip Starbuck’s in case I can’t get the battery started again after picking up the coffee. We park & head to the parade.

It’s really hot. I’m really thirsty. The first thing I buy after 7 days is not a new car battery (thankfully) but a diet coke from Ms.Winner’s. $1.59 well spent. I do not really regret that purchase. Kinda wish I’d packed my water, but hey, a diet coke is better than a car battery. And I did kinda predict it what with my dream and all. Maybe I’m psychic. Or maybe I really missed diet coke.

We sweat as we watch the deliciously bizarre small town parade, complete with old man in a baby costume who asks one of the diva hubbies if he’ll be his daddy (really, seriously), get pictures made of the madness, and head back to the cars. Elesha’s jeep & my car are the only ones left in that parking lot & somehow I’ve managed to park in the one spot of shade. Today is a good day. Old Blue struggles to start, but the engine turns over & we go our separate ways.

Still mentally in “no spend” mode, at least as far as food goes, I come home and eat lunch. It’s too hot to mow & I don’t do yardwork on holidays anyway, so I decide to go shopping. It’s a holiday, I want something festive. I go to Target…nothing. I go to Rugged Warehouse…nothing. I go to Maurice’s…nothing. I go to Kohl’s…nothing. Ok, so each actually had stuff that I COULD buy, but somehow I’m not in the mood to actually spend the money. Nothing seems worth it. It’s all suddenly too expensive, or I don’t want it enough, or it doesn’t fit right…whatever.

Ok, time to prepare for the annual Diva cookout. I bring the deviled eggs. Also a tradition. I still have plenty of eggs left so I whip those up. I decide I want to make something else but I don’t feel like going to the store. What’s left in the ol’ fridge, I wonder? Not much. Not much at all. I have a half jar of salsa, cheese in the cheese drawer, meat in the freezer, fozen veggies, and a fridge door full of condiments. Check the pantry. Why do I have so many crackers? OOH, black olives. I take the cream cheese, colby cheese, salsa, hot sauce and black olives, and make a dip. Bland. Add fajita spice. Much better. Cheese spread & crackers it is.

Put the cheese spread & deviled eggs in the fridge to chill. Sloth on sofa for 30 minutes. Change clothes. Go to cookout.

Due to rain, the cookout has become a cook in. The men manage to get the meat grilled before the rain starts. I skip the meat due to having VIP tickets to the Dash game (free food & beer, THANK YOU.) At 7 we head through the rain to pick up our friends & head to the game.

I feel bad for the regular seat holders. They’re all huddled under the sheltered area waiting for the rain to stop. Total troopers. The rain doesn’t seem to dampen their spirits at all, though. We head upstairs to a very nice, dry room with a full bar & tons of food. mmmm, bratwurst. Thanks kind season ticket holder for giving us your seats!!!

The game starts at 8:40. We have the best seats in the house. Directly behind home plate, perfect view of the the game & a double rainbow.  Thanks again, friend!  The game lasts until midnight. We stick it out even though we all have to work in the morning because, hello, we want to see the fireworks. We’re tired, but the fireworks are beautiful. I love fireworks. LOVE them. Wish I was a pyrotechnic. Fight game traffic, drive home, go to bed.

Fun-filled day, and thanks to still having food & receiving a jump start & free tickets, it only cost me $1.59.

My friends are awesome. Thanks for gettin’ me through the week, peeps.


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