There’s More to Life than Bacon

Alternately titled: Things I love Thursday.

Guess what, reader(s): It ain’t just bacon or coffee, despite what you people may think. I was asked the other night if I get tired of being associated with bacon. Sort of.  On the one hand, it’s proof I have awesome taste in meat. On the other hand, it IS weird to hear “I had some bacon & thought of you.” There’s a lot more to me than my meatatarian ways. For example, many would be shocked that I actually eat very little meat. At least by comparison. to me five years ago.  As much as I would love to munch on a slab of bacon, these days I love being healthy even more. High blood pressure is for suckers, yo. So is high cholesterol. Avoid it if you can, even if it means giving up the salty goodness of dead pig consumption.


Since I need to get back into writing, I’ve deemed Thursdays  “Things I love Thursday” to help give you, my reader, insight not only into me, but insight into all things awesome.

Thing I Love (besides bacon) Numero Uno:

Receiving random emails & postcards for no reason other than to say hello. I have a friend who used to live here but now lives in Hotlanta & sends me random emails for no reason…other than (I assume) to say hello & to make me smile. Today I got an email titled “Can Ya Dig It?” & the only thing in the body of the email was this video:

That’s right. My first received email today was Sammy Davis, Jr singing “Shaft.” Yes, yes I CAN dig it, thank you very much.

Send your posse fun random emails for no reason. It’s good times. Another friend does the same, but on a wider scope (sends to a group of us & not just me, which is fine, too) & usually also adds social commentary. Equally entertaining, but sometimes slightly disturbing. Like this one:

That is a video I DO NOT LOVE, whether poppa daddy tells me to or not. Receiving the email itself: still good times. & now i get a kick out of sending random emails to my peeps for no other reason than to say hello. Note: Don’t send chain emails & try not to send forwards of anything reminiscent of a “hang in there” kitten poster…unless you’re sending the email to a cat stuck up in a tree. Though I think said cat would be too busy to read your email if it’s hanging on for dear life 30 feet up in the air.  Point: come up with your own randomness. Your friends will appreciate you.

**updated before this post even published**

Sender of the scary “do what daddy says” video just sent this gem.

chicka chicka wow wow. You’re welcome.

Thing I love (beside coffee) Number Two:

Twitter. Why? No Farmville.  No long rants. No entire news feed filled up with videos of the band you had 15 years ago that I have to hide forever. With twitter, say it in 140 characters & get out of the way. It’s beautiful. & a couple of the people I follow come up with the best.hashtags.ever. Or, shall I say #besthashtagsever. 

Plus my audience on twitter (for now) is smaller & more diverse so I can get as random as I want to…in 140 characters or less. & though I haven’t truly figured out how to block a follower yet (directions are for sissies), I have figured out how to be random enough to get certain strangers to unfollow me, and that’s fun in & of itself.

They’ll follow me cuz I follow James Altucher or I mention stuff like “sales training.” BAM, immediately I’ll get notified of five new followers that are directly related to money & want to sell me something. They’re hoping I’ll do the twit pro quo & follow them back. Instead I talk about bacon. Or carnies. Or zombies. Then they go away. You may use that trick if you like.

So feel free to join me on twitter if you like. Just be prepared for zombie carnies.

Thing I love (besides zombies) #3:

This place called the Factory in Downtown Kernersville. It has fun local shops & a thing called “Wine Down Wednesday.” I like to go when I can. It’s got a sweet little vibe to it that I hope expands throughout K-Vegas. Plus I get to listen to the friends play the fun music.  They have a little band called Charity Case & all their proceeds go towards getting fresh water to those in developing nations. & here’s a photo:

Good music, good times, and khaki pants.

P.S. They’re playing at The Factory again on Sept.23 from 7-9. Come enjoy a glass of wine, listen to some tunes, and drop some cash in their tip bowl. That cash will go to a great cause. & you’ll have a great time. I call that a win win, people.


2 responses

  1. Girl-YOU make me smile like the sun…
    Thanks for the plug! Love your blog. And I love that there is so much more to you than bacon 🙂 But what makes you completely fabulous is that you make bacon a “hipster” must. Hugs! And thanks for brightening my day!

    • awe, you are the sweetest ever! & i don’t ever think that’s the first time anyone’s referenced hipster & me in the same sentence. i…i feel like i’ve arrived. hugs!

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