A Deal’s A Deal

A couple of months ago I was trying to come up with blog ideas & asked my friend Kresha for ideas. We were eating at the time so most of the ideas stemmed around food….and the world’s best cookie. I’ve made a lot of homemade cookies. I’ve eaten a lot of homemade cookies. I’m a cookie connoisseur. I have a few faves, but had yet to have the world’s best. She, naturally, as many cookie makers do, claimed to have the best. I told her if they were as good as she says, I’d write about it.

Fast forward to today.

I get a request from Kresha for my address. I come home after a long night of rehearsal to find cookies & a recipe in my mailbox. Since it was post rehearsal & i was hungry, I ate half of one before seeing the note about heating it in the microwave. So the other half went into the microwave as directed.

& I can say this: while I can’t rank it as top cookie ever, I can rank it as top cookie bar ever…since technically it was a bar. It’s my new fave for two reasons: 1) it tastes awesome & 2) it has 4 ingredients.

A cookie that tastes that good & only has 4 ingredients? WIN.

So there it is. A deal’s a deal. Kresha makes a darn good cookie bar. maybe even the best. This post doesn’t really do it justice…but, come to think of it, she never specified that I had to write a GOOD blog post.

The end.


Technically the recipe belongs to Eric, Kresha’s hubs. However, she made the batch that I received. So they both get credit. Unless they don’t want to share the accolades, in which case they can have a cookie duel. I’d be happy to play impartial cookie judge.


2 responses

  1. Glad you like the cookies:D Eric did give me the evil eye when I read this to him because technically it’s HIS recipe but I did make the batch you tasted so….I personally think it’s fine to call it KRESHA’s cookie;).
    Also, now that I know where you live I can leave fun things in your mail box at random: bagpipes, a kitten, jello, bacon….whatever:D

    • awe man. I’m gonna have to update the post. Gotta give credit to Eric as well. & If I come home to a set of bagpipes one day, please make sure you include a bagpiper as well. Preferebly tall, late20’s-30’s & wearing a kilt. & If he has a scottish accent, I’ll make you cookies. and guacamole. but not together, cuz ew.

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