Explanation of The Writing Assignment

Every once in awhile my “person”  will remind me, gently, that I need to write. Last night during the Oscars she did it telepathically while the presenter for best screenplay was talking about writers. Yeah, I heard you, Elesha. I felt your stare, woman. This morning she sent me an article (that I’m entirely too lazy to find & post a link for) which basically said I should be writing, and then just commented “love you, mean it. :-)” That’s her mild mannered version of screaming in my face.

So I wrote back & basically said “Ok fine. you want me to write? Give me an assignment & a word count to get me warmed up.” I thought it would buy me some time. I was wrong. Apparently she was “for serious”, because she sent me the following within the hour:

“Okay, here are two prompts to choose from…
1- what is your earliest memory of reading dr Seuss? First book, fave book or lines? 
And why? Make your own rhyme. 🙂 
2- in honor of music Monday: 
A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.
250 words.”
It’s Dr. Seuss day at her sons’ school, Seuss’s birthday was yesterday, and she’s a substitute teacher (w/ a teaching degree) at her sons’ school, hence the Dr. Seuss post. Also, I like to rhyme & she knows it. New music Monday is a thing we just started. #NewMusicMonday #awesome #keepsmefromlisteningtoshowtunesallthetime
Yay for only 250 words. She’s being kind, and I assume will increase that number as we progress with the whole “force Suz to write the words” project. 
I choose new music, mostly because it’s snowing outside & I don’t feel like rhyming. I’m not Elsa. I don’t sing or rhyme in the snow (Frozen reference! Totally haven’t seen it! I dunno if she even rhymes but I hear there’s a song by some woman named Adele Dazeem…)
Yeah, we’re looking at you, Travolta.
I digress.
If you want to read the assignment regarding the song that transports me to another place, click here. If not, here’s a picture of the poor sap that is now the joke of the interwebs.

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