The Blogaversary Post

So thanks to Facebook’s sometimes handy, often cringeworthy On This Day app, I learned today is the anniversary of the day I started this blog. My blogaversary, if you will. I figured I oughta write something, but don’t really have anything I feel like posting just yet (there are things in the works), so I turned to Person for a writing assignment. Sometimes I do that. Here’s a few she gave me today:

“Write about a song that means a lot to you.”

(cuz she was watching The Voice at the time): I’ve done that before. You can find that post here. Another fave would be Neil Diamond’s Done to Soon, and mostly I mention it because I heard it today. It’s the song I play whenever somebody dies (I find it oddly comforting), and one that I want played at my funeral. Dear Person: write that down; tell your hubs. Book a horn section, too, please. I’ll set aside some cash for that.

I’m pretty sure heaven has a good horn section.

I don’t plan on dying any time soon. It’s just good to be prepared. Just ask the Girl Scouts. Oh! I was a Girl Scout once upon a time.  No really, it’s true. I hated selling cookies, and now I’m in sales. Life’s funny that way.

“Write about anniversaries.”

No. Mostly because I suck at remembering them. I’m not that girl. I’m the “I think we started dating sometime in September, maybe? Or was it October? What play was happening at the time?” kind of girl. It would be best if I got married on a major holiday, just so I could remember the anniversary. Plus, built in themes!

I don’t plan on getting hitched anytime soon, either. But it’s good for the guy to know going in that I will probably not remember any anniversaries. I’m pretty good at birthdays, though. Usually.

“Write why yoga pants should be acceptable in the workplace.”

I mean, it goes without saying, really. Comfort leads to productivity, at least in my book. Plus you can drop into yoga poses to realign yourself after sitting at the desk for long periods of time. Yoga pants promote good workplace health, really.

I totally DO plan on wearing yoga pants to work next week. Mostly because I will be working from my Mom’s house.

“In honor of the Wasted series at church, write a list of your favorite time wasters.”

Easy peasy: Netflix, coloring books, looking up random crap on the internet, photoshop.

I do plan on wasting less time. Starting tomorrow. Probably.

“It’s National Poem Month! You could write a poem!”

Fact: In the early days of Facebook, I would compose birthday poems when FB reminded me of friends’ poems. They rhymed and usually made little to no sense. I’m not really sure why I stopped. I’d write one now but the Wondermutts are getting restless. Sorry, Person.

Right now. In my face.

Right now. In my face.

I plan on writing one soon, though.

& that’s the blogaversary post. If anything, it proves I suck at anniversaries, and excel at planning. If I knew ahead of time that my blogaversary was near, I would have planned a better post. One with confetti and unicorns, probably. Or confetti unicorns.


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