Working on Christmas Eve

Because we’re open for half a day (mostly to make deliveries) and I am out of vacation time (thanks to using it all on awesome trips to St.Louis, Las Vegas, Topsail Island and the UK,) I’m here in my office for four hours trying to think of things to do to make the time pass quickly.

34 “Elf” Quotes That Never Get Old & when you can use them .... SO FUNNY!:

Snuggling at the office is frowned upon.

Here’s my list!

  • Clean and organize office…until the task gets boring, because cleaning sucks.
  • Shred all the things.
  • Wish customers a Merry Christmas on all the social media.
  • Spend prolonged time on all the social media.
  • Eat all the food (biscuits & donuts were brought in because bossdaddy likes to feed the people.)
  • Write a blog post to get back in the habit of writing. Aim low with the entertainment value & just get it done.
  • Think about work goals for 2016. Maybe even write some of them down.
  • Drink all the coffee. ALL OF IT.
  • Obsess over what’s left to be done before all the Christmasing begins & have mild anxiety attack.
  • Curse the stupid rain.
  • Stare at the 1979 poster of the Police on wall for awhile and contemplate starting a vinyl collection.
  • Prepare for Monday’s Year End Review. Include mild anxiety attack in the preparation.
  • Make a to do list for next week’s work hours, because the last week of the year is also traditionally slow & will need things to do to occupy overactive brain.
  • Hope the phone rings.

34 "Elf" Quotes That Never Get Old


Merry Christmas Eve, you guys.

34 "Elf" Quotes That Never Get Old