2015 #defianthappiness Year in Review

So it’s New Year’s Eve Eve and the middle of annual Purge week (the cleaning out of old crap to make room for new crap,) which means it’s time for my year in review!

First things first: Person & I theme our years. We do this instead of making a list of specific resolutions, as we’ve had more success with actually achieving awesomeness by using an overall theme instead. Yes, we do SMART goals & all that, too, but we love a theme, so there ya go.

Until 2015 we each had separate themes, but 2014 was ridiculously difficult for both of us, so we ended up each using the same theme for 2015. Combined awesomeness makes for more awesomeness, after all. After reflecting on stupid 2014, we decided our main goal in 2015 was to get back to the happy, no matter what. 2015: #defianthappiness – The Year of Unicorns & Glitter Parades was born.

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Slow Motion Photo Booths, you guys. 

Has 2015 been chock full of happiness & unicorns & glitter parades? Pretty much. Not because we never had to deal with sad crap, but because we actively chose to be happy. No, we didn’t throw confetti during funerals or burst into maniacal laughter at inappropriate times.

You're grown men, why are you giggling in the first place? Oh Watson.:

Person is the John to my Sherlock. 

We did, however, find joy in all the little things. We gave ourselves a break. We took things less seriously when we could, and held onto joy-filled thoughts & memories as best we could.

I also drank a good bit of wine, so there’s that.

On always being honest. | 23 Hilarious Amy Poehler Quotes To Get You Through The Day:

Binge watching Parks & Rec is a key to Happiness

Other things that happened in 2015: Year of Unicorns & Glitter Parades:

  • Three Awesome Weddings (all the confetti was thrown)
  • Four Amazing Trips (There are Unicorns in Scotland, you guys)
  • Four Significant Deaths (the dad, my dog, a friend, and a mentor)
  • One Bucket List Role (Rocky Horror: WE’RE ALL LUCKY)
  • Two health scares (One mine, one mom’s, and we’re both ok. Yay!)
  • A gazillion books and movies (STAR WARS, you guys!)
  • All the lights! (because of course)
  • ALL THE THEATRE (So.Many.Shows)
  • All the drama (so.much.drama.)

Food was eaten, pounds were shed. Money was spent, money was saved. Friends were made, friends were lost. Goals were met, dreams were crushed.

That’s life.

There was much laughter and countless tears…but one thing’s for sure: #defianthappiness achieved, and we’re all the better for it.

Bring it on 2016, we’re ready for ya.